Activities & Events In Our Great Outdoors

Fishermen & Hunters
For years, this district has attracted Canadian and American sportsmen. Last year, even groups from the United Kingdom discovered us! The area affords phenomenal trout fishing in the spring. In the fall - moose, deer, bear, partridge and duck hunting is very popular.

One of the best fishing grounds on the Ottawa River is just opposite the Lodge. At the river's edge, the outflow from the channel creates an unsurpassed feeding ground for the fish. Pickeral, Sturgeon, Walleye, Catfish and Bass are just some of the fish species that are abundant in the area.

Swisha's inland lake, although small, has been well stocked with Trout and is easily accessible. The season runs from May to November and posted signs let you know what you can catch.

Nearby McConnell Lake, with miles of picturesque shoreline, as well as the Pennasault, Pender and numerous other lakes all have good trout fishing. When fishing from a boat in the Ottawa River, you can use either your Ontario or Québec license. Québec licenses are available at a nearby store.

Birders come here to observe, photograph and log some of the most beautiful and rare species in North America. Of these, the American Bald eagle is perhaps the most magnificent and well-known. Other species in the area include:

- Barred Owl (Hoot Owl)
- Boreal Owl
- Great Horned Owl
- Loon
- Kingfisher
- Pileated Woodpecker
- Snowy Owl (Official Bird of Quebec)
- Saw-Whet Owl Great Horned Owl'

Conservationists will be interested in the Wildlife Conservation area just across the river. Wolves, bear, beaver, foxes, moose and deer can be seen regularly!. As an added bonus, the occasional bear and fox can often be seen right on Lodge property!

Hikers love it here. With miles and miles of trails criss-crossing The Island, anyone who loves the pines, woods, streams, flora and fauna will fall in love with this place. These trails are also used for snow-shoeing and cross-country trail skiing in the winter. ATV's and snowmobiles are not allowed on these walking trails, however there are trails specifically designated for them.

Canoeists, Kayakers and other boaters can use the Ottawa River and launch or recover right at our front door. Canoe trips to or from the Dumoine River (1-7 days by canoe) are very popular. Portage can be done from Deep River all the way to Temiskaming. For those less adventurous, you can canoe, kayak and swim at McConnell Lake campground.

Campers can stay at our local camp site. Each site has water and electricity. There are 36 seasonal and 6 regular sites. There is a beach (swimming and volleyball are popular), a newly modernized building with washrooms and laundry facilities. Firewood is provided for each site, as are large tables.

Paint the scenery, paint what's in your soul, use the Gallerie Studio, or learn new techniques at one of Tina's courses. There's so much to do. Call us. Let's talk. Photographers have unlimited opportunity here. Whether it's a breaking sunrise over the pines, a loon in the distance, or the river wild... there's nothing but opportunity here. Waterfalls, rapids, turn-of-the-century bridges, sand hills, wildflowers, or rare large moths; opportunity abounds..

Conventions & Groups
Conventions, retreats, and groups of all kinds will be handled by Tina Michaud through Gallerie Gallera. She will work with the group coordinators to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Conventions can be accomodated in the Gazebo or Gallerie as needed.